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Store Window Displays

Each season, our staff and dedicated fiber artists create incredible worlds for our signature front window display. From a yarny world in outer space to an ice-skating lion, we have imagined the possibilities of the “yarniverse”–and we hope you’ll join us in creating new worlds!

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Painting with Self-Striping AmazingStore Table Displays

The first of every month brings a new and amazing display at the front of the store, featuring our “Yarn of the Month.” Not only can you get 15% off this featured yarn, but you can get inspired by all of the whimsical creations on this front table. From “April Showers” to “An Italian Restaurant,” we’ve had a lot of fun with our monthly themed tables.

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Featured Fiber Art

Four times a year, we feature the work of a fiber artist whose creations speak to us. These pieces stay in the LBYS for three months, and most are available for purchase. These pieces have ranged from abstract felt pieces to group-collaboration-driven free-form crochet, and we continue to explore what contemporary fiber artists from all over the world are creating.

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