Staff Show & Tell: Claire’s Coffee Shop Wrap

Welcome to Staff Show & Tell, where Lion Brand Yarn Studio staff members like to show off our beautiful yarn in their own projects. Read on for expert tips and yarncraft inspiration!

We sat down with Claire, our Studio Manager, to hear all about her gorgeous new shawl.

Cl;aire's Coffee Shop Wrap


Tell us about your project.

I made the Coffee Shop Wrap (free pattern on Ravelry) by Two of Wands’ Alexandra Tavel. She created the design in our 24/7 Cotton when that yarn was first launched. I used a mix of the 24/7 Cotton original colors, 24/7 Cotton that was hand-dyed by our very own Darrin (see some of his dye work here), and dyed LB Collection Cotton Bamboo. The cotton worked on bigger needles feels really soft and drapey.

24/7 Cotton is one of our yarns of the month for April – that means it’s 20% off in the Studio!

Claire's Coffee Shop WrapDid you make any modifications to the pattern?

I did – a couple on purpose, and a couple by accident! Somehow very early on, I switched my wrong and my right sides. I don’t know how that happened! And partway through the project, I stopped following the pattern and changed colors whenever I felt like it, or whenever I ran out of yarn. Also, I didn’t include the tassels on the shawl.

How did you decide to make this project?

Everyone else was making one, and I wanted one too!

Who did you make this for?

Me! I’m a very selfish knitter.

Nothing wrong with that! How do you plan on wearing your shawl?

The shawl will stay in the office and keep me warm when the A/C is on full blast in the summer. I like to wear denim shirts a lot, and I think this will match nicely. And then I’m all dressed up to pretend I’m off in the Southwest. The shawl is also very good for twirling.

Ooo, I hope to see a twirling demonstration! I really like the way this coral color will pop against the denim. How long did you work on this project?

My notes tell me I started this shawl last August, and I just finished it this week. It’s taken a long while because the project has been living in my office, and I work on it when I have time – like when it’s quiet after we close, I’ll do a row or two.

What was your favorite part of the process of making this shawl?

Claire's Coffee Shop WrapIt was fun choosing the order of the colors, deciding what comes next. That and binding off!

Did you learn any lessons working this project?

Not really…but I was reminded how much I like making garter stitch shawls. I find it relaxing and mindless, plus it’s easy to pick up and put down on short notice.

What’s on your needles now?

Now I need to get back to my other shawls…if I can remember what I was making! And I’ve started working on a hat too.

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  1. EmilyVictoria
    April 26, 2017 at 5:04 pm |

    That looks perfect for spring! Now I’m gonna have to make one!

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