Perk up! Perkville rewards you for taking classes.

When you sign up for a class at Lion Brand Yarn Studio, you have the option to enroll in Perkville rewards, and earn a point for every dollar you spend, plus we give you a 50 point bonus for signing up! Many of our students have already taken advantage of our Perkville reward system for classes, but we’ve updated the point scheme and thought this would be a good time to review the program.

We’ve made it easier to get discounts:
  • For 180 points get $10 off your next class.
  • For 300 points get $25 off your next class.
  • For 450 points get $50 off your next class.

If you’ve been taking classes but haven’t signed up for Perkville yet don’t worry! Your points are waiting for you when you join, but you can’t redeem them without joining.

To check your points, or join, visit

You’ll need to log in or join using the same email address you used in Mindbody. This is important because Perkville uses the information you gave us when you signed up for a class. If you are not sure which email address we have on file, give us a call at 212-243-9070 and we can look it up for you.

To redeem points, you’ll need to:
  • Log in to Perkville and clicking on the “Perks” button.
  • Select the Perk you want to redeem.
  • Select the location and click “Redeem”
  • You will receive a voucher via email that you can print or show us when you’re using it to sign up for class.

Please note, this reward system is for students at Lion Brand Yarn Studio only, we do not have a program for store merchandise at this time.

Earn points for every class!

Perkville Rewards can be used for

  • Basics Classes
  • Workshops
  • Drop-In Help single sessions
  • Private lessons

While you will earn points when you sign up for Master Classes, due to the expense of hosting Master Class teachers we are unable to apply discounts to these classes.

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