Knitting in the Zone

On Friday September 21st I had the great pleasure of visiting Caldwell University at the invitation of Robin Davenport, Executive Director of Counseling Services (left, standing) to teach the Women’s Basketball team to knit.

Knitting for Stress Reduction

Robin was inspired by the Finnish Snowboarding team knitting during last year’s Winter Olympic games. As a knitter and a therapist she knows the benefits of knitting for stress reduction. Looking for a way to bring that to the athletes at Caldwell, she reached out to us at Lion Brand and in the interest of getting them off to a good start I traveled out there to support both the athletes and the experienced knitters they would need to turn to with questions.

Learning the Basics

Photo credit: Colette Liddy

When the players arrived, they seemed a bit skeptical, but once they got going they really began to warm up to it and have some fun. Even before the lesson was over they all recognized that when they were focusing on knitting they weren’t thinking about other stuff, which is where the stress relief comes in. As athletes of course, they understood the importance of practice and repetition to the development of muscle memory. 

I heard them making plans to get together and knit, and I hope they do, that’s the best way to keep it going.

Good luck Caldwell Cougars and all the best for your upcoming season of basketball!

Torey Northup Jones, their coach checks in. Photo credit: Colette Liddy


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