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How to Subscribe via Email

If you prefer to receive our updates by email, just sign up with this handy form and you will receive them in your inbox whenever a new event post is published:

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How to Subscribe by RSS

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Like email, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is another easy way to get new blog content sent straight to you. It’s delivered by an “RSS feed,” and you can easily identify it by this orange icon: RSS Feed Icon . To learn more about how it works, check out the short video tutorial RSS in plain English .

Feeds can be read using an internet browser, a feed reader (both explained below), a personalized homepage or Microsoft Outlook 2007 email program.

If you’re using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7, you can subscribe to an RSS feed in your web browser. Just click on the orange icon displayed in your toolbar while you’re visiting a blog, and follow the instructions.

You can also use a special RSS reader to manage your feeds, which works just like an email inbox for blog postings. To read your feeds on any computer choose a web-based option, or to download and read offline choose a desktop reader. Below you’ll find a list of both types, most of them available for free.

After selecting a reader it’s simple to subscribe to updates: Click here for our feed (or for other blogs: go to the blog homepage or address bar and click on the feed icon), pick your reader, and subscribe.

RSS Readers

Web Browser Options
Internet Explorer 7

Web-based Readers
Google Reader
Microsoft Live
My Yahoo!

Desktop Readers
FeedDemon (Windows)
RSS Bandit (Windows)
Newsfire (Mac)
NetNewsWire (Mac)

Personalized Homepages