Deals and Discounts

Did you know that in addition to great deals and sales, we offer specific discounts all year round? Here is a list of all the discounts we offer, and how you can claim them with your next purchase!

$5 Gnome-Hunter Reward = Find the wandering gnome in our store and you’ll win an instant $5 gift card good towards your next purchase!

10% Off = With valid Student ID

10% Off = With valid Military ID

10% Off = With valid National or Local Yarncrafting Guild Membership Card

10% Off = Seniors 65 and older with ID

10% Off = The day you complete a class at the Studio

10% Off = When registered for one of our free groups: Men’s Night, WEFT, Thursday Night Yarncraft, Friday UFO (when you participate and make a purchase the night of the group meeting)

20% Off = Featured Yarn.  Every month we feature a different yarn to discount

20% Off = One purchase during the month of your birthday!

The above discounts apply to class purchases too!

Discounted Packages:

We offer the following year-round class packages:

  • Class & Workshop 5 Pack For $225 you’ll get a gift certificate that is good for any FIVE workshops.*  You have a year from the date of purchase to take your classes.
  • Workshop 3 Pack For $150 you’ll get a certificate that is good for any THREE workshops.* You have a year from the date of purchase to take your classes.

* This offer is not valid on Master Classes, Sweater School, or Project Knitting and Crochet, or special day-long workshops.

  • Knitting Basics and Crochet Basics Packages For $75 you get either Knitting 1 & 2 or Crochet 1 & 2. That’s two weeks of beginner lessons, a week of “Beyond the Basics” training, and all your materials for $75! These classes will start you off on the right foot so you can go anywhere you want from there.

Summer class packages are available only in the warmer months of the year. Just like summer, they don’t last long but they provide quite a bargain while they last!

  • Summer Yarniversity From June 1 – August 31  enroll yourself in Yarniversity, where for a flat fee, you can register for any 5 knitting, crochet, or general yarn crafting workshops of one or two sessions. At $35 per class, this is a savings of up to $175 over regularly priced workshops!
  • Skill Builders Learn a brand new skill in just 60 minutes with these bite-sized lessons, $20 for a single session but only $80 for a 5-pack!