• Karina Marcos

    great ideas!

  • Knitting Nana

    Great ideas, but most of my holiday knitting is already done.

  • Creative Designs by Sheila

    Love these projects! I use Lion Brand Amazing for my Knitted Arm Warmers.




  • rhoda

    ummm…. when I click on “Get the pattern HERE” it comes up as a crochet pattern…… is there a knit version????

  • http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/ Lion Brand Yarn Studio

    Dear Rhoda, we’re so sorry! I just noticed that the Cardiff Cowl was mislabeled as a knit pattern, when it’s actually a crochet pattern. We’ve fixed the mistake, but I’m so sorry for the mix-up. Here’s another knit cowl you may want to try:

    Hope that helps!


    • rhoda

      That is really nice of you. Thank you so much!!! And what a quick fix as well…