October Yarn of the Month

This month the LBY Studio brings you Heartland, Heartland Thick & Quick, and Jeans at a 20% discount! This trio makes up our yarn offering of the month, which means you can also find lots of pattern inspiration on display in the shop. Below is a list of designs, however, nothing beats seeing and feeling the yarns in person, so stop down!

Remember to check the Holiday Hours calendar for this month before planning your trip.

*Sale is valid in the LBY Studio only. The Studio is located at 34 West 15th Street, New York, NY 10011.


What’s on Display

1. Field Study Afghan (knit)
Knit using Heartland yarn.

2. Blazing Blocks Afghan (knit)
Knit using Heartland yarn.

3. Round-About Cropped Cardigan (crochet)
Crocheted in Heartland yarn.

4. High Plains Cardigan (knit)
Knit using Jeans yarn.

5. Color Infused Afghan (crochet)
Crocheted using 9 colors of Heartland yarn.

6. Quilt Blocks Afghan (crochet)
Crocheted in 5 Fall colors of Heartland yarn.

7. Panels and Squares Afghan (crochet)
Crocheted using Heartland yarn.

8. Striped Squares Afghan (knit)
Knit using 5 colors of Heartland yarn.


1. Granny Goes in Circles (crochet)
Worked in Heartland yarn.

2. Scarf with Pockets (crochet)
Worked in Jeans yarn.

3. Patriotic Scarf (knit)
Worked in Heartland yarn.

4. Convertible Flower Lace Shrug (crochet)
Worked in Heartland yarn.

5. Everyday Shrug (knit)
Worked in Jeans yarn.

6. Mulled Wine (crochet)
Worked in Heartland yarn.

7. Multicolor Scarf (crochet)
Worked in Heartland yarn.

8. Tri-Color Scarf (knit)
Worked in Heartland Thick & Quick yarn.

9. Toulin Scarf (knit)
Worked in Jeans yarn.

10. Seven Wonders Wrap (knit)
Worked in heartland yarn.

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