• gnwra1@aol.com

    How do you get free hooks

    • http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/ Lion Brand Yarn Studio

      Hi there, if you mean that you’re looking for a charitable donation of crochet hooks, we recommend writing directly to Lion Brand’s customer support team at support@lionbrand.com with all the details of your project. Please note that at this time, there is a long waiting list and that preference will be given to organizations with 501(c)(3) status. Hope that helps!

  • LindY G

    This is my first time at hearing this beautiful story. I am very proud to say that I own a Furls Hook, it is my most prized possession, I love it. As soon as I can I WILL be the proud owner of more. It is gorgeous, and fits my hand perfectly. I am a BIG fan of Furls Hooks.

    • http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/ Lion Brand Yarn Studio

      So glad to hear it, LindY G! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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  • Laurie

    I have two of hour hooks and love them. They are expensive, but well worth it. I crochet a lot and can tell the difference when I’m not using a Furls hook. The story of why this hook was “invented” is great!

  • Cheryl Frye

    I loved reading your wonderful and romantic story of how Furl’s began. Your hooks are lovely and I enjoy window shopping on your page. I would love a Furl’s hook but it isn’t in my budget. I have a wish list and at the top is a Furl’s hook and a Furl’s yarn bowl.

  • L. H

    The postage price of nearly $ 18 . 00 makes them unaffordable , then there is tax , almost a $100 . for 1 hook ! So sad !

  • Lisa

    Wow! How romantic! I hope to one day own some Furls hooks! I hinted to my hubby that he can get me one each anniversary…starting with an H 5.0mm hook! ;)

  • viqueen

    What happened to the boy and girl? Did they live happily ever after? Was the beanie for him? Inquiring minds…

    • http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/ Lion Brand Yarn Studio

      Unfortunately this is all of the story that Harrison told to us. It will have to remain a mystery…

  • emily

    I think yor hooks are beautiful but re way to exspensuve. I would live a furls hook size h and a furls yarn bowl but its not in my budget like many why not mke them a little more afordable so that many can have the joy of them like the girl in the story i mean isnt that why they were mads anyway

  • gramzie

    What a lovely story. Your hooks are beautiful, but I too can not afford them. Maybe one day my children or grandchildren will gift me one.

  • Hopeless romantic

    Please finish the love story! Did she like the hook? Was the beanie for him? Are you still together today? ;)

  • Furlgirl

    I just ordered one of each size!! Can’t wait to get them!

  • Jax

    Do you still stock the furls crochet hooks? If so what sizes?…I am coming to New York in late December and would love to get some of these fab hooks… :)

  • Kimberly Busby


  • Linda Burt

    I would love to own one I have hand pain from arthris so it takes me awaile to finish my projects. These hooks sound great.

  • Thebendyknitter Juniper

    oh how i love this, i met my husband at school and although i already
    had signs of EDS (ehlers-danlos syndrome) we had no idea what it was and
    how it would affect me! this story reminds me of our early romance and i
    am lucky to say i have a loving and caring husband who works hard so i
    can buy items i need to keep me knitting, and now i am learning to
    crochet he is doing his best to make sure i can do it with little pain, i
    would love some of these Furls Crochet hooks, maybe one day….

  • José

    what a lovely story full of love and respect, it`s georgious. I will order my first hook as soon as possible and Count on those who say it cures the pain in my hands! A dutch woman in Germany – the hooks will take a tripp over the ocean!