Lion Brand Yarn Studio Guidelines for Community Groups

Block Party Seaming!05

1.     Be excellent to each other.

We respect everyone who comes to the Studio as a fellow fiber crafter, and we expect our group participants to be respectful to each other as well.  We welcome diversity and understand that we won’t always agree about other issues, but we all love yarn!

2.     Keep it positive.

It’s ok to commiserate occasionally, but don’t turn the conversation into a recitation of woe, we’re here to socialize and enjoy the company of other yarn crafters.

3.     Be yourselfand be tolerant of others.

Try to see the best in each other and you’ll bring out the best in each other. If someone says or does something you do not like, remember that it was probably not meant personally.

4.     Be honest, but also be kind.

5.     Be mindful.

This is a social group, not an audience or a debate, try to be aware if you’ve been talking a lot to give others a chance as well.

6.  Be EXTRA polite. 

Well mannered, gracious, polite behavior will make the group more enjoyable for everyone.

** If you feel that these rules are not being followed, or that you are being mistreated by a group member in any way, please do not confront other group members directly, please speak to the group moderator. **

We thank you for helping us keep our groups fun and welcoming for everyone!

~Lion Brand Staff