• http://www.ayarntale.com Courtney Heath

    Amazing. I aspire to have window displays like this!

  • http://www.penguingirl.com penny

    It is very creative and fun! It makes me smile each time I come in.

    Studio says: Thanks! If you love the studio squirrels, be sure to take their tour (on the home page)

  • Carolyn

    It would be nice if ALL of the studio employees were featured sometimes.
    I really love the teachers there! Will, Tracey, Heidi and James are so knowledgeable and super friendly!

  • pat

    What creative minds. What a beautiful display. Please keep those squirrels around for a long time. The’d look adorable in Santa hats,elves costumes, witches costumes, back to school. I like squirrels. I’d love a crochet pattern for them.

    Studio says: Hi Pat, these squirrels were one-of-a-kind creations made for the Studio, but there were some great pattern suggestions made in the comments section of the Lion Brand Notebook article about them. Click here to see it.

  • http://www.MicciDESIGNSknitwear.etsy.com Michele Ivey

    This window is so great! Very creative and always lures me to go out of my way on the way to work to see what’s new in the LBY Store window!
    -Michele NYC