Student Testimonials

Click here to see Workshop student survey results from October 2016 to September 2017.

Click here to see Beginner Class student survey results from October 2016 to September 2017.

This is a sampling of feedback from our students.

  • “I was so impressed with how Darrin navigated the various skill levels and completed homework levels in our first session. He gave everyone good amounts of time and although I arrived behind and a little embarrassed, he made everything feel comfortable. THIS is why I keep coming back to LB Studio – your teachers remind us that its supposed to be FUN!”
  • “Gretchen was patient every step of the way.”
  • “My instructor was so great and really seemed to have a passion for crochet and teaching everyone. The whole team at the store was friendly, warm and super helpful.”
  • “Edita is a master instructor. She was very supportive and encourages each student. She has the talent to offer different explanations to suit each student’s individual style of learning. A truly amazing teacher!”
  • “Darrin is awesome–fun and very patient for us newbies. Would definitely come back for another lesson.”
  • “I would always take a class from Gretchen. This was an inspiring class because I finished my socks the weekend after class!”
  • “Darrin is an excellent teacher, he’s very skilled at knitting and knows how to teach others. I was very pleased with the classes and how much I learned.”
  • “Gretchen is an amazing teacher!”
  • kal-students“The small class size was ideal for asking questions and getting really great clarification!”
  • “Darrin was an amazing teacher. He was engaging, patient, and had really good energy.  He made me very comfortable as a beginner.”
  • “I enjoyed the small size and being able to ask any questions that came up in the moment.”
  • “The instructor (Edita?) was lovely.  She explained everything very clearly and she was very patient.  I’d like to do another class with her.”
  • “Great instructor, simplified everything and was patient. Would definitely take more classes with her. Excellent.”
  • “I love the individual attention and encouragement Jennie provides – she’s a wonderful teacher!”
  • “Great experience! Nice, small group, instructor was knowledgeable and very friendly. Very excited about what I learned!”
  • “When he noticed anyone struggling he would help them out and make sure they could do it themselves.”
  • “Jenny has a lovely manner, very encouraging and paced the class well to manage the various skill levels.”
  • “She was able to give us each one on one instruction, and helped me when I made a big mistake during single crochet exercises 🙂 “
  • “I liked when he would rotate person to person just watching. He allowed all of us to knit in a way we found comfortable rather than trying to force one particular method on us. He was also sweet, encouraging, positive, funny, and engaging.”
  • “She was so kind and patient! Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”
  • “It was just a great experience overall.”
  • “Gretchen is truly a knitting angel – patient and kind. I learned so much and did not feel I had to be perfect. I loved it!!!”
  • “I love the classes here! Darrin is a great instructor.”
  • “Jennie was fabulous. Patient, clear and supportive. She made the lesson fun. Already signed up for crochet 2!!”
  • “Darrin is a great instructor. Patient and funny and knowledgeable.”
  • “Gretchen is a great instructor, very informative and very welcoming to all knitters!”
  • “Lisa is a wonderful and patient instructor.”
  • “Jennie was a wonderful instructor!!! I would gladly take any and all classes that she teaches. It was truly a pleasure to work with her!”
  • “The contrasting diagrams the instructor provided that distinguished between K3tog, S2KP, and SK2P were excellent and helped me understand conceptually how they were supposed to look!”
  • “I thought our instructor Suah was great- very kind and patient. I can’t wait to practice, and then take knitting 2!”
  • “The instructor Suah was great. Patient, attentive, class and environment was welcoming and supportive.”
  • “Jennie was great , patiently answered all questions, funny and friendly. Taught me things I didn’t expect, to relax and enjoy. So looking forward to my next class.”