Student Testimonials

This is a sampling of feedback from our students.

  • “My instructor was so great and really seemed to have a passion for crochet and teaching everyone. The whole team at the store was friendly, warm and super helpful.”
  • “Darrin is an excellent teacher, he’s very skilled at knitting and knows how to teach others. I was very pleased with the classes and how much I learned.”
  • kal-students“The small class size was ideal for asking questions and getting really great clarification!”
  • “Darrin was an amazing teacher. He was engaging, patient, and had really good energy.  He made me very comfortable as a beginner.”
  • “I enjoyed the small size and being able to ask any questions that came up in the moment.”
  • “The instructor (Edita?) was lovely.  She explained everything very clearly and she was very patient.  I’d like to do another class with her.”
  • “Great instructor, simplified everything and was patient. Would definitely take more classes with her. Excellent.”
  • “I love the individual attention and encouragement Jennie provides – she’s a wonderful teacher!”
  • “Great experience! Nice, small group, instructor was knowledgeable and very friendly. Very excited about what I learned!”
  • “When he noticed anyone struggling he would help them out and make sure they could do it themselves.”
  • “Jenny has a lovely manner, very encouraging and paced the class well to manage the various skill levels.”
  • “She was able to give us each one on one instruction, and helped me when I made a big mistake during single crochet exercises 🙂 “
  • “I liked when he would rotate person to person just watching. He allowed all of us to knit in a way we found comfortable rather than trying to force one particular method on us. He was also sweet, encouraging, positive, funny, and engaging.”
  • “She was so kind and patient! Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.”
  • “It was just a great experience overall.”
  • “Gretchen is truly a knitting angel – patient and kind. I learned so much and did not feel I had to be perfect. I loved it!!!”
  • “I love the classes here! Darrin is a great instructor.”
  • “Jenny was fabulous. Patient, clear and supportive. She made the lesson fun. Already signed up for crochet 2!!”
  • “Darrin was a wonderful instructor, explained and illustrated in a clear and fun manner.”
  • “Gretchen is a great instructor, very informative and very welcoming to all knitters!”
  • “Lisa is a wonderful and patient instructor.”
  • “Jennie was a wonderful instructor!!! I would gladly take any and all classes that she teaches. It was truly a pleasure to work with her!”
  • “The contrasting diagrams the instructor provided that distinguished between K3tog, S2KP, and SK2P were excellent and helped me understand conceptually how they were supposed to look!”
  • “I thought our instructor Suah was great- very kind and patient. I can’t wait to practice, and then take knitting 2!”
  • “The instructor Suah was great. Patient, attentive, class and environment was welcoming and supportive.”
  • “Jenny was great , patiently answered all questions, funny and friendly. Taught me things I didn’t expect, to relax and enjoy. So looking forward to my next class.”