Beginner Classes at LBYS

Classes for June, July, and August are now available! Click here to view the current schedule.

Since Lion Brand Yarn Studio opened in 2008 over 5,000 people have learned to knit and crochet with us. Our classes have always provided students with a solid understanding of the craft, its materials and its tools so they can choose their projects and yarn with confidence. Beginner classes also prepare students to take our intermediate and advanced workshops and learn classic techniques like cables, color work, and lace, or develop the skills to create beautiful garments.

Over the years, our teachers have noticed that some beginners are ready to move quickly through the basic skills, while others need a little more time to practice. We know that everyone learns better when they can master one step before moving on to the next, so we have separated our original two part beginner classes into separate sessions to allow students to take the next step when it’s right for them.

This also makes it easier for knitters and crocheters who don’t need to start at the very beginning to join the session that is right for them. Previously, students could only join our beginner sessions at the first step or the last, so students had to choose between starting at the absolute beginning or joining a class that required an understanding of knit or crochet they might not have.

Our new 3-Step structure works like this:

  • Step 1 begins with a discussion of materials and tools, and teaches students how to start a project and work the basic stitch of each craft.
  • Step 2 introduces additional basic stitches and how they combine to create more interesting effects.
  • Step 3 covers increases and decreases and other advanced beginner techniques that prepare students to make a great variety of projects.

In each class we also practice pattern reading and provide students with a pattern to work on to master their new skills. These patterns allow returning students to self-test at home to determine which step they are ready to take: for example, if you can understand and follow the pattern for Knitting 1, but not Knitting 2, then you should sign up for Knitting 2. If you can understand and follow the pattern for Crochet 2 but not Crochet 3, you should sign up for Crochet 3.
We also offer weekly free help clinics where students can come for help with
their projects or questions between classes.

Each class when purchased individually is $50. Every time you finish a class you can use your Graduation discount to get 10% off.
Or you can buy all three classes and get $20 off. Either way, there is no need to sign up right away: your credits will be ready when you are! Learning to knit or crochet is as easy as “1, 2, 3!”

Click here to see our upcoming schedule and sign up!

knit2 crochet1 knitcowl
Knit Level 2 Hat made with Heartland® Thick & Quick® Crochet Level 1 Wristwarmers made with Heartland® Knit Level 1 Cowl made with Heartland® Thick & Quick®