A Sweet Summer Treat: Our New Window Display!

Summer in New York City can be a little… melt-y. With temps rising and the sun shining, we turned to one of our summer favorites for inspiration for our front window.


Our new display celebrates summer with three gigantic ice cream cones! Made with Color Clouds, Bonbons and, of course, Ice Cream, each cone is larger than life! A drizzle of sprinkles adds a sparkly touch.

Mini-cones deck our front display table featuring dollops of Color Clouds and Quickie.

Stop by this summer and see them up close!

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  1. Holl the Doll
    Holl the Doll
    June 15, 2016 at 6:08 pm |

    A dangerous display. Every time I walk past this window I want to hit the Mr. Softie Truck on 5th Ave. And the inside displays are just as tempting.

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