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  1. June Nutter
    December 19, 2009 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I live in The Villages, the largest retirement community probably in the world, & belong to a club called Busy Hands, Happy Hearts. I have been a member for about 1.5 years. We might have 200 members & we meet twice a month. We sew, knit, & crochet items for nursing homes, several hospitals including the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, hospice, rehab centers, sherriff’s Depts., and more. I know at least one member is in her 90’s. Last year we made about 7,800 items for distribution. Most of our materials are donated. We always have a Show and Tell part to each of our meetings. We really enjoy seeing what others have done especially with scraps. These women are very talented and work very hard.

    One of our newest projects is to assist a local church that is buying and refurbishing an abandoned motel for homeless in the area. We also helped many other low income families either by donating items that we make or by donating usable clothing and linens. All of our items are for sale for our members or by the public. We participate in 2 Craft Fairs a year to help raise money for our club. We also support other charity groups by donating some items that we can’t use and we accept donations from other charity clubs in The Villages. The club was founded and started 8 years ago by a very wonderful woman. She continues to carry on even though her husband has suffered 3 strokes this year. I was honored to present her a Certificate of Achievement for her work that was signed by our State Representative. It brought tears to her eyes as well as mine. I am very proud of what this club manages to produce for others year after year.

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